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Everything you need to reach product-market fit

An actionable step-by-step handbook packed with tactics and strategies from leading GTM experts that will set up your launch for success.

350 pages of actionable advice:


industry experts interviewed


practical frameworks


workshop templates

Featuring growth experts from these top companies

Inside this book you'll find:

  • A well-researched holistic guide through every element you need for a successful GTM strategy: from market research to pricing, positioning, and beyond.
  • 132 frameworks and 18 templates to run workshops with your team.
  • Practical step-by-step examples and advice from growth experts at companies such as: Amplitude, Miro, Google, Paddle, Hubspot, Figma, MongoDB, The Predictive Index, CXL, Zebra BI, and many others.
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By the end of the book, you'll:

  • Have a proven step-by-step GTM strategy that will make your next launch, relaunch, or market expansion a whopping success.
  • Get hands-on experience from world-class GTM experts and apply them to your company.
  • Make decisions with confidence using battle-tested frameworks.
  • You'll prioritize everything through the “mission-critical” prism - no more wasting time on projects that don't have a massive impact.
  • Become a badass in GTM thanks to your focus (goodbye FOMO!).

Written for pragmatics, not philosophers.

It's a step-by-step guide that will take you from your idea to scalable growth.

Maja wrote more than 1,500 pages and skimmed it down to the 350 pages that are relevant to you. It was extensively reviewed and built with the help of growth experts from all around the world with one single purpose: to give you all the tools, concepts, frameworks, case studies, and facts you need to reach product-market fit.

All of the concepts have been battle-tested by more than 150 companies. My approach was tested with founders, developers, product managers, UX and design experts, and growth and ,arketing professionals. They all found actionable advice in it.

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Here's what people say about the book

“This book is a must-read for any founder who doesn't want to take the long, meandering road to finding product-market fit.”

Wes Bush

CEO and Founder of ProductLed

”Maja's book is the best guide that I've seen for getting to product-market fit, and without PMF, sustainable growth is impossible.”

Sean Ellis

author of bestseller Hacking Growth

”She teaches what matters most: focus and simplicity. Maja Voje helps correct course with hand-picked and battle-tested frameworks created for pre-PMF or bootstrapped companies, accompanied by critical information on when to apply which.”

Dr. Else van der Berg

Product Expert at Value Rebels

”Some books focus on ”big picture” concepts. This one does that but also goes deep. Every person who is serious about business needs to get a copy of the GTM Strategist. Filled with practical insights and fresh ideas, it will give you what you need to step up not just your GTM strategy, but your business as a whole.”

Stoyan Yankov

(Co)Author of PERFORM: The Unsexy Truth about (Startup) Success

”Maja Voje's 'GTM Strategist' redefines success playbooks, blending practical, actionable advice with insights from industry leaders. Its fresh take on Europe's market landscape offers more than strategies; it's a mentorship guiding founders to excel in GTM. A must-read, offering real substance over fluff.”

Sara Stojanovski

Senior Product Manager at Glofox

”Maja's guide simplifies go-to-market strategy, making it actionable for all, from startups to enterprises. It offers clear frameworks and real examples, centered around a 6-step canvas, making GTM pragmatic and accessible.”

Ben Williams


”Go-to-market strategy and finding product-market fit tends to be a 'black box', especially for founders. Maja's approach of tapping into experts across the dimensions of GTM aims to remove the uncertainty of what good GTM strategy looks like — and makes this book a must read for founders, marketings, and product teams.”

Robert Kaminski

Partner at Fletch

Chaos vs Focus

Focus on what's mission-critical

This is a book for businesses that can't wait 14 years to become profitable (that's how long it took Uber).

This is a book that will help you reach product-market fit and build a sustainable business model to bootstrap your business or secure enough traction to raise your next round of investments.

All in the next 3 to 18 months.

That's how long the average startup has before joining the ranks of the 95% who fail.

Runways are short. In this book, it is all about making it or breaking it - fast.

Packed with practical examples

1. GTM Strategy

How to use lessons from special ops to develop the strategic muscle and punching power to succeed when going to market. We play to win guerilla-style, and our objectives drive us.

2. Market

How to understand your market better than ever and find opportunities where you will most likely win. We do that little by little - using a Beachhead Strategy - winning one beach at a time.

3. Early Customer Profile (ECP)

The book will help you become laser-focused on NOT your ideal customer, but the one you can actually win in the first 3 to 18 months. This will help you get off the ground, show reasonable traction, and chase ideal customers later.

4. Product

How to develop rapid feedback loops MUCH faster by testing unique value propositions (UVPs), minimal viable products (MVPs), and get your analytics stack to learn from what actually happens when you test these assumptions.

5. Pricing

The users may love the product, but will they pay for it? This is one of the most challenging elements for founders. All other GTM elements spend your money. Pricing makes it back. Pricing is just a mechanism of capturing and exchanging value that your product creates. In this chapter, you'll learn about the different pricing strategies that build a sustainable business model.

6. Positioning

It is not just what you say. It is how you say it. And you'll learn exactly how inside this book.

7. Growth

You'll learn the seven proven-to-work channels for GTM companies that are most likely to get the critical mass of traction. This will show you exactly where to find users and the most sustainable way to build a healthy and predictable acquisition engine and scale it with virality and other growth loops.

8. GTM System

How to bring the process to life so you can start scaling - to go from early adopters to early majority effectively. You'll find out exactly how to cross the chasm where 95% of innovations fail, and you'll see exactly how to get your company in shape for the growth stage.

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About the author

Maja Voje spent 11 years in growth and marketing, working with companies like Google, Rocket Internet, Bayer, and Heineken, along with more than 350 startups. A common issue these startups faced was that most go-to-market advice came from the context of enterprise companies and wasn't suited for them. That's why Maja decided to write this book - to finally offer a clear methodology for finding product-market fit, even if you're a small, scrappy startup.

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