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Go-To-Market Bootcamp Package

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The GTM Bootcamp will help you cross the chasm, solidify your market position and prepare you for hyper growth. Get ready to truly start scaling your business in just 2-4 weeks not 2-4 months!

If you can relate to this, this training is for you:

  • You’ve built a great product and now you want to create significant traction around it
  • Your next goal is to enter the hyper growth phase and you want to ensure success
  • You understand that main growth levers of a business are product and distribution, and you want to become an expert in distribution as well

The era of “build it and they will come” is over and you know it.

You are here because you know that in order to win in B2B in 2024 and beyond, you need to become GTM-first, distribution-first builder. We will make sure you do.

Get Ready for Hyper Growth 🚀

The Curriculum

This training is designed to take you from confused and overwhelmed to having everything you need to start scaling and enter the hyper growth phase.

The program is split into four main segments:

Module 1

Customer Research & Finding Your Ideal Segment

Go-To-Market Bootcamp Package
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with Maja Voje

  • How to select your ideal early target market - Beachhead strategy
  • Different ways to do market segmentation
  • Segment ranking table - how to evaluate multiple opportunities
  • Research methods and plan how to find “the one” segment (could be more)
  • Testing willingness to pay at the chosen target segment
  • How to start selling before the product is even built
  • Ideal Customer Profile - visualization and frameworks

By the end of module 1 1, you will have a hypothesis of what is your best Beachhead segment - market to enter and how to test it in the next month (+ 2,3 other candidates in case the first assumption doesn’t prove to be the one).

Module 2

Positioning & Messaging

Go-To-Market Bootcamp Package
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with Andrej Peršolja

  • What sets you apart - why are you the best choice for your customer
  • How does that translate into tangible benefits from them?
  • How can you prove that?
  • Messaging 101
  • Message testing
  • Crafting your strategic narrative
  • Turning your messaging and narrative into public-facing assets

By the end of module 2, you will have a clear positioning and messaging framework that will guide you and your marketing team to craft compelling websites and marketing copy that sets you apart and wins the hearts and minds of customers.

Module 3

Pricing, Packaging & Offering

Go-To-Market Bootcamp Package
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with Simon Belak

  • Pricing is the mechanism of value exchange - how do we measure value
  • Value Matrix for value pricing and its proxies
  • Best practices for B2B SaaS pricing
  • Business model and pricing - optimizing for profits or adoption?
  • Pricing experimentation - testing different price points

By the end of module 3, you will have set your value matrix or its proxy, which we will use to set up your pricing and make a plan on how to test it and incorporate it once it is validated.

Module 4

Building a Sustainable Growth Engine

Go-To-Market Bootcamp Package
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with Maja Voje

  • Demand capture vs demand generation
  • Identifying where to play and how to win
  • Choosing the first growth channel
    • Organic vs paid
    • Outbound
    • Inbound
    • Community
    • ABM
    • SEO
  • Tactics to produce first growth spark
  • Building growth loops
  • Crafting a medium to long-term growth strategy

By the end of module 4 you will understand your internal strengths and external opportunities and be able to choose your first growth channel, where you will execute your first tactics to produce the initial growth spark, and then start to form your medium and long-term growth strategy.

Get Your Own Personal Miro board

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This Training Is for Builders of Great Products 🛠️

If you’re coming from a B2B SaaS startup or scaleup, this training is for you. You’ll find the most value in this program if you are:

  • Founder who’s built a great product and now wants to master go-to-market & distribution in order to take your business to the hyper growth stage, or raise the next round
  • Product manager who wants to master complimentary growth & marketing skills to earn the most senior titles in Growth or Product, or build your own business in the near future

In a nutshell, you’ve built a product people love, but your ambitions are big and you’re looking for a way to take it all to the next level. This program is all about doing what’s mission-critical to take you there.

Delivered to you by GTM experts who helped raise and generate millions for tech companies

Stop hoping for traction and become a GTM-first builder instead with experts who worked with:


Regular price for a 4-week cohort is $997. We do it a few times a year. But this is your unique chance to get the recordings of the core modules and other assets from the previous cohort for only $197!

These were the GTM experts featured in the videos:

Maja Voje - Founder & Investor at Growth Lab
  • Helped OriginTrail raise $22.5M in funding
  • Helped EKWB go from $38M to $55M in one year
  • Helped generate +500 beta signups for Sellsation in 5 days with 0 budget
  • Helped Peak Culture and other companies become #1 on Product Hunt
  • Author of GTM Strategist, 6x Amazon Bestseller
  • Partner with Miro, Amplitude and Paddle
Ognjen Bošković - Founder at Frontier
  • Grew an education business from 0 to $4M in one year as the only marketing hire
  • Drove millions in agency pipeline for Content Distribution
  • Helped grow CXL 50% YoY (7 figures) as a Growth Lead, #1 on Product Hunt
  • Took ClusterAi from 0 to $135k ARR in 4 months
  • Grew a community from 300 to 10,000 members
  • Growth advisor to Convert, Growth Lab and Content Distribution
Andrej Peršolja - Founder at Tangible Growth
  • Positioning expert who helps tech companies create a clear and compelling message for their products. Positioning expert who helps tech companies create a clear and compelling message for their products.
  • He worked with more than 200 companies so far, helping them get more high-quality leads at a lower cost, and convert more leads into clients
Simon Belak - CTO at Zebra BI
  • Pricing expert
  • Ex-head of data science at Metabase (one of the biggest SaaS BI tools used by over 50k companies daily including N26, Revolut, Swisscom, Adidas, SpaceX)
  • Ex-head of analytics at GoOpti airport transfers where he developed dynamic predictive pricing algorithms that increased gross margin by 35%

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